In January 2020, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched Circulytics, a tool that allows organisations to assess how circular they currently are via a broad set of metrics which deliver a company-level score. This score, alongside insights and analysis from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, helps businesses understand the extent of their success in adopting circular economy business opportunities; it provides a ‘snapshot’ of the circularity of their material flows and service models, highlighting the most important development areas to concentrate on.

Please note that the Ellen MacArthur Foundation does not endorse Caboose & Co. and has not verified the information we provided to generate the Circulytics score. 

Caboose & Co. is just one of a number of companies around the world increasingly adopting the circular economy as an opportunity to create a thriving business, tackling the man-made global challenges of climate change, waste and pollution. Circulytics is a learning and doing tool within a supportive environment. It will equip us with the most comprehensive picture of our circular economy performance. Using our company data and insight and analysis from the Ellen MacArthur foundation the Circulytics programme highlights the areas where we can improve and helps us track our progress.

Circulytics is something Caboose & Co. is extremely proud to be a part of. In 2019 we received the score A-. We are doing well in some areas, such as systems, processes, infrastructure and output and need to improve in other areas, such as our input and strategy and planning.

Take a look at Caboose & Co Circulytics Scorecard for 2020 here.