Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, especially in the events and hospitality industry. Caboose & Co has decided there is no time like the present to implement further sustainable initiatives into the business, for both Caboose & Co’s own conscience and for the benefit of clients.

Renowned for its over-use of energy and water, use of consumable goods, as well as waste creation, the events and hospitality sectors have a responsibility to its consumers and the world to keep down these consumptions, especially for heating and water, that are used for services and operations.

Caboose & Co has always looked at the best ways to reduce waste and deliver reliable, effective services on-site for its clients. It is no surprise then that managing director Tom Critchley has lead the business to sign up to Circulytics, a useful business tool that supports a company’s transition towards the circular economy.

He explains: “For those unfamiliar, a circular economy is an economic system that works towards eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. We are looking forward to seeing where we have achieved circularity across our entire operations and where improvements can be made. We anticipate that our report will be ready no later than September of this year.”

Signing up to this tool will now mean that Caboose & Co is in as strong a position as ever to be more consciously sustainable moving forward. Enablers and outcomes will be taken into consideration to inform the report, and the stats and outcomes received will help support future decision making across the company.

Caboose & Co invites other businesses in the sector to participate in Circularity so that the industry as a whole can grow and improve, and have the ability to share proven results.

Tom adds, “We want to be completely transparent about our circular economy adoption. Our customers deserve to know the facts so they can make informed choices with us. It’s also good to celebrate our current sustainability strengths!”

The Circulytics indicators have been developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in collaboration with its network of partners and business members. 500 global businesses have signed up to Circulytics since it was launched in January this year. You can find out more here.