Caboose & Co. is committed to ensuring, that it is recognised for its responsible approach to business as well as its products.

The journey to a sustainable future is an urgent one. As a team, we are accelerating our adoption of a circular and restorative business model.

In 2020 we said we would:

– Continue to support The Open Water Initiative, tackle single use plastic, ocean pollution and change behaviour towards drinking water.
– Conduct research into the use of solar powered battery systems with the goal of offering our customers the option of a 100% renewably powered accommodation.
– Provide, through Circulytics, transparency to our customers regarding progress with our circular economy adoption.

We are delighted to provide an update as follows:

– Despite the postponement of The Open in 2020, through our planning of The Open Camping Village we continue to engage with The Open Water Initiative. Always looking for the positives; an additional year provides us more time to plan, which is certainly going to help in the midst of a global pandemic.

– In partnership with SPS Energy, we have carried the research and conducted a live field test to ensure we can offer our customers reliable renewable energy solutions in 2021.

– Circulytics – overall we got an A- consisting of an enablers score of B- and an outcomes score of A-.

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