Simply put, Earth Overshoot Day indicates the date by which our demand for ecological resources exceeds what our planet can regenerate each year. In 2020, the planet reached that marker on August 22nd – a estimation generated by the Global Footprint Network through the culmination of world-wide scientific data.

Earlier this year, Caboose & Co. recognised the environmental shortcomings of the way it, and the events industry as a whole, operates so vowed to play its part in taking sustainability more seriously. The cogs were in motion from March onwards, and although plans have been delayed slightly due to COVID-19, the intention to improve the company’s eco-conscious efforts has very much still been at the forefront of the teams’ mind.

Building on Cabooses’ initial commitment of signing up to the Ellen MacArthur Foundations’ Circulytics programme, sights are now firmly set raising the bar to offer clients 100% renewable powered accommodation by 2021.

To push this forward, Caboose & Co. has partnered with SPS Energy to kick-start the move from using traditional diesel generators towards a state-of-the-art system, primarily powered by solar energy. It’s a no-brainer – this investment into not only the future of the business but more importantly our planet, helps us to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing the accommodation experience. This alternative energy boasts zero emissions and no noise whatsoever so overnight guests can sleep soundly, literally and figuratively, in the knowledge their glamping experience isn’t negatively impacting on the luscious spots Cabooses can be deployed in.

Being able to take the entire Caboose product range completely off-grid and operating self-sufficiently only serves to enhance the hospitality offered to clients. Combined with the extension of temporary site usage up to 56 days, glamping private hire deployment locations are only limited by the imagination of our clients!

This massive operational step forward only demonstrates our passion in paving the way for the rest of the pop-up accommodation world to run in a carbon neutral manner, in the hope the next #EarthOvershootDay will come later in 2021.

Find out how our Cabooses can help your glamping site play a positive environmental part in the green #MoveTheDate movement and contact us: