Introducing our latest product, the Snoozy Glamping Pod.

A Caboose & Co. x Cube Modular portable sleeping unit which fits perfectly within our diverse range of stylish, high quality pop-up accommodation solutions designed for events and festivals.

The Snoozy is a flat-packed two person portable sleeping unit capable of being installed and used virtually anywhere. It can be deployed for temporary hotel accommodation, permanent installations, and can even be stacked to create mobile hotels. The units are available as a twin, double or double bunk bed occupancy.

Each glamping pod is a simple, yet most versatile structure, with the main frame supporting the air-cell that clads the building. The air-cell inflates, creating tension in the structure to form a rigid and light weight end product. It is this combination of engineering that allows for maximum design quality and packing capacity.


Offering big savings on transport costs and emissions, the pods’ innovative flat packed design allows for up to 40 units to be transported on a single truck.

snoozy glamping pods