We find ourselves at a surreal juncture of lockdown, where general reminiscing of last years’ festival season has moved aside in favour of delirious yearnings for the less glamourous realities of life in the live events sector – mud caking the inside of our wellies, bleary eyes after long overnight installs, dare we even mention the smell of the long drops…

We miss it all, it’s in our team’s DNA and we cannot wait for business to resume as ‘normal’, whenever and whatever that may look like. Until then, we console ourselves by taking an imaginary tour around green-field sites home to different types of campsite, complete with their own personas – each and every one we miss!

Far-out Family Fields
For parents wanting to introduce their little ones to their first live experience, the family-friendly fields often found towards the outskirts of the site is a welcoming location for young’uns to enjoy the simple charms camping offers. Picking a camping spot surrounded by like-minded families who like you want to bed down before midnight, get a decent night’ sleep and not risk the children being woken up by rowdy revellers will ensure valuable memories are made for years to come.

Side-Stage Ravers
Picture the scene, the walls of tent city are vibrating with the booming bass coming from the loudspeakers on the Main Stage just metres away… This campsite location is home to those that party all night and sleep all day, adorned in UV paint and glitter stencils that will last long after they have returned home. Revellers will be out like a light as soon as they hit the inflatable pillows, not even stirred by fellow campers drunkenly tripping over the spaghetti junction of guy ropes surrounding the precariously pitched tents.

Pop-Up Hotel Pamperers
Squirrelled away behind speakeasy entrances or spotted on the horizon like a mystical land, those checking in here desire a festival experience like no other. Pushing the boat out to create high-end memories to last a lifetime that can be regaled at the next dinner party, this campsite provides its’ inhabitants with the baffling ability to traverse the muddy grounds without getting a speck of dirt on box-fresh white sneakers or designer jeans. Bubbles on arrival, hot tubs to sink into after a hard days’ raving and even the provision of the latest Nicky Clark hair straighteners – every little detail is catered for, dare we say excessively so…

Musical Motor-Homers
This site is for those that desire the excitement of festival exploration and the buzz of seeing world-renowned artists live during the day, balanced with being able to return to a field of tranquillity at a respectable hour! With a comfy bed, hot shower and freedom to bring creature comforts from home, guests will not regret their choice as they encounter tens of thousands of un-washed campers on the slightly longer walk into the depths of the festival.

Canny Caboosers
Situated in the heart of the action, Caboosers are those who want the middle ground of being able to soak up the buzz of atmosphere whilst being to privately retreat to enjoy refreshing comforts like hot water, a decent mattress and power sockets to charge ready for those all-important stage selfies. Wake up feeling refreshed ready to party hard day after day, starting the day in style perusing the headliners schedule with a strong coffee whilst sat on your very own sun terrace!

First-time Freshers
For a festival virgin fresh out of college, their puppy-dog enthusiasm for loading a clingfilmed wheelbarrow full of cider is more than often than not is countered by a naivety as to how last-minute they can arrive on site and still find a spacious spot to pitch their tent. Sandwiched up against the toilet block or the recycling bins and grateful for it signifying the first real taste of freedom and independence, these first-timers will befriend all those around them by hosting an afterparty under a wonkily- erected gazebo or sharing the bacon rashers round in the morning to banish the pounding hangover…

For now we can only dream about whizzing around a festival site on a buggy and seeing the delightful melting-pot of different accommodation styles spanning a metropolis of fields. However if you’re thinking about what the rest of 2020 looks like and want to chat about luxury pop-up accommodation for your hotel, BnB or glamping site we’re here and ready to help on theteam@cubemodular.co.uk