Having run large events and campsites ourselves, we understand the challenges faced in securing conveniently located, high quality accommodation, that suits the unique and individual needs of pop-up accommodation. Caboose & Co. was founded to answer these challenges by creating innovative pop-up accommodation for the outdoor events industry and camping and glamping sites.

Our extensive events knowledge and experience in developing pop-up accommodation greatly influenced the designs of our Cabooses. The first Cabooses rolled off the production line in the summer of 2017, landed straight into their first event and we've been raising the bar ever since. From 2,000 bed pop-up campsites to 50 room pop-up hotels - a great location is all we need.

Our Values

We put our clients first - cliché we know but our clients really are at the heart of everything we do. We listen to their needs and respond accordingly. We are’t robots, we take a human approach.

If its broken fix it. If its not broken, improve it.
We never stand still and are constantly learning from our experiences. We don’t ignore problems, we think differently and always look for opportunities to innovate and find new solutions.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
It’s serious work; but that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously. We like to do things differently, offer the unexpected and challenge the status-quo.

The Team

Our style is hands-on and hassle free.

Tom Critchley
Sales & Operations

Tom has been involved in the sports and events industry for over 15 years. Having organised and managed events since the beginning of his career, Tom understands the pain points faced by event managers when it comes to accommodation. He founded Caboose & Co to offer a better solution to the events industry.

Ross Gilbert
Business Development

Ross has been involved in the property development business for over 10 years. His obsession for movable architecture began back in 2011, since such time he has delivered a number of award winning projects. He brings to Caboose his development expertise and a passion for flexible and dynamic accommodation.

James Whittaker
Operations & Delivery

James helped deliver some of the UK’s first, and largest temporary accommodation developments using off-site manufactured units. His meticulous planning ensures Caboose operates without a hitch.


We know we our products stand out. We are committed to ensure, that we are recognised for our responsible approach to business too.

The journey to a sustainable future is an urgent one.

Caboose is implementing simple steps as we accelerate our adoption of a circular and restorative business model.

In 2020 we shall:

Continue to support The Open Water Initiative, tackle single use plastic, ocean pollution and change behaviour towards drinking water.

Conduct research into the use of solar powered battery systems with the goal of offering our customers the option of a 100% renewably powered accommodation.

Provide, through Circulytics, transparency to our customers regarding progress with our circular economy adoption.

If you think Caboose can help with your event accommodation needs, then please say hello.