Domestic UK tourism and Staycation visits were growing prior to the pandemic. COVID19 is accelerating that growth. Sustainability, outdoor living and reconnecting with nature are some of the fastest growing travel trends. Glamping as a service sits perfectly to meet this growing demand. So what do you need to do the provide the perfect night’s sleep?

At Caboose & Co. – we think it boils down to three things; location, comfort and hospitality.

Location is key. There are thousands of beautiful places in the UK and the extension of temporary planning permission to 56 days means that the possibilities of treading lightly and providing accommodation in beautiful remote places have increased.

Comfort, at Caboose & Co. is what we pride ourselves on, creating the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep. The key elements that we focus on are the selection of materials, regulation of internal temperature, air quality and controlling the amount of light and noise that can interrupt your slumber.

Be authentic when it comes to your hospitality offering. If you own a beautiful place and want to share it, be proud of that fact. Be direct and be brave – set out the rules simply and clearly that you expect your guests to follow and openly challenge those who do not comply – with a smile of course. We love to delight our customers so go that extra mile to add those special touches that value the customer as a person. Our philosophy is never be a box in a field. From the welcome you receive on arrival to the catering and entertainment offers, these little touches all help create positive memories that bring people back.

Caboose & Co. are on an exciting journey. We are on the verge of launching two new products for hire that will provide you with all the comforts required to make your guests happy. Please contact us at